Of Mugcakes and Midterms

Have midterms gotten you down? Is Trump trampling on your good time? I’ll admit, this week had me down too. If you ever have a professor who passes out the midterm exam and warns that you’ll want a drink (alcoholic) afterward, you should believe them. 

There’s something about stress that makes me crave sweets, and I can ingest sugar at a rate that would alarm even Buddy the Elf. 

Perhaps that’s why I found myself frantically searching Pinterest for a mugcake recipe this afternoon at around 3 pm. If you’re not aware, these cake filled mugs are so simple to make it almost hurts. They’re versatile, and yet you don’t walk away feeling like you want to wallow in self pity all night (like I often have after binging on Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked.)  

 I used the recipe found at WifeMamaFoodie (seen here: http://www.wifemamafoodie.com/chocolate-lava-mug-cake/). 

I am so satisfied by mixing cocoa powder into a recipe. It is the best ingredient.  

 To truly round out the baking experience, I recommend you listen to “Come on Eileen” at least once. Dancing in the kitchen optional, but advised. 

Finally, add a strawberry. It will escalate your creation tenfold. Soon, you will forget you live in a campus apartment with a horrible, non-functioning garbage disposal. Instead, you will imagine you have somehow landed an industrial loft in the metro area with a live-in chef (nevermind the fact that the housing market and your limited budget would make that an impossibility.) 

Enjoy. Don’t be like me. By that I mean don’t eat the entire thing in less than 2 minutes. 

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